Affordable, Australian Based CDN

(Yes, we really mean all of Australia including Perth)

Hosting your website isn’t the only thing Killer Websites can do. Out of the box we deliver high performance websites, but they live in a data centre where they are hosted, in one specific state in Australia. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution is an addition to your website that allows it to be delivered from server locations closer to where the website visitor is located & accessing your website from.

In plain English, this is how an Australian CDN with fast Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout Australia works:

Without A CDN Enabled

With Our CDN Enabled

Why Should You Care About An Australian CDN?

Making a first impression counts, the first impression you can make on your website is how fast someone can access it, so it matters your site is sleek, optimised & delivered from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with a local Point of Presence (PoP) to where your website visitor is. This will result in the best possible experience for your website visitor, getting them engaged in your content immediately.

40% of people say they will abandon a website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load
Neil Patel – Website Guru

Not only is our CDN partner well established in Australia & New Zealand with 6 locations in Oceania, including Perth, Auckland, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney. They also have 36 international locations to ensure anyone anywhere in the world gets served your website as fast as possible.

Google Cares about website speed

Since switching to mobile first indexing, Google loves fast sites. There is now an SEO/ranking reason to need a fast, well performing website. Any site built by Killer Website is optimised for performance, adding a CDN into the mix is supercharging it.

On top of the raw speed factor, we set up your CDN with SEO accessibility in mind. All our CDN services we set up for you come with a configured CNAME record to your url (, with additionally canonical URLs (this is all the good professional stuff).

Budget Conscious for small Australian businesses

We’ve always aimed to keep things affordable for small-medium businesses focused on growth. We want to, and continue to offer enterprise grade products and quality, for a growing business’ budget. This holds true with our affordable Australian CDN offer.

Our CDN is included with all of our hosting & maintenance services on the Killer ONE package, for a low inclusive price everything is covered inclunding installing and configuring a CDN on your website, handling up to 25GB of Oceanic data per month.

Speed Increase
Oceanic PoPs
Global PoPs
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Website Performance in Australia

You’ve got to be able to measure performance. For websites, the internet and connections often latency is used, a measure of time it takes to complete a trip, collect or send data from one location to another. It’s measured in milliseconds (ms), and while small, it matters. Website load times in total are in the single digit seconds mark, websites often make up to hundreds of simultaneous requests each of those milliseconds for each request add up, so reducing each one is an overall benefit to website load time and latency.

Short & sweet:
The smaller the (ms) number, the better
Timeout/Packet Loss = bad

The results below are from two websites hosted in Australia. The With CDN website is hosted by Killer Websites and supercharged with our premium CDN service. The other is not. The test results are from an independent testing website that was established to measure CDN performance worldwide.

Go on, drag the slider to see the With CDN results and watch those numbers drop

Without CDNWith CDN

Australian Optimised Performance

It’s always harder in Australia to find a product that caters to us down here. We know the struggle, Australia is a big, sparse country, but we still want the best rest of the world quality. That’s why we researched, tested and chose our CDN partner who was right for the Australian market.

Our CDN partner is one of the best performing in the Oceania region covering Australia & New Zealand. We even edge ahead of Netflix’s (Fastly CDN) own Content Distribution Service in the Oceania region for raw performance.

Our CDN performance speaks for itself, and we back it up offering it at an unbeatable price for Killer Website’s clients.

Killer Websites CDN Performance Chart in Oceania
Content Distribution Network (CDN) FAQs

You don’t need a CDN, but the internet is evolving to be speed focused and your website will perform better with one.

A CDN is there to supercharge your website and take it to the next level. This is especially useful if your website fits in the categories outlined below.

Yes, heavy content (image & video) sites tend to see a more noticeable improvement as they’re serving so many assets to visitors. Additionally if your site is getting a lot of hits per month, your website may perform better due to the reduced strain on the origin server.

Any e-commerce enabled website should ideally look into having a CDN as they often involve a lot of product pictures.

  • Adelaide
  • Auckland
  • Bangalore
  • Brisbane
  • Hong Kong
  • Istanbul
  • Melbourne
  • Mumbai
  • Perth
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
There is some great content out there about the benefits of a CDN, here is some great starter information:

Your website will remain up & optimised by a CDN, don’t worry we won’t take it down.

Typically we’d notice when you approach the cap and discussion a different payment option ahead of time.

Our payment options would still remain as fair and affordable as possible to you

Cloudflare is a great company that has done a lot for internet hosting & distribution on a massive scale over the last few years.

Sadly, they’re often not the best choice for Australian small-medium businesses

Cloudflare has an on-going issue with peering with Australia ISPs & the pricing charged. In short this means that on all of their plans excluding their high-end USD$200/month, they will not guarantee nor consistently serve data from Australian PoPs.

If you’re on not on Cloudflare’s top USD$200/month plan, there is a good chance your website assets would be served from Singapore, Hong Kong or even worse San Jose/Los Angeles.

This totally defeats the purpose of a CDN, and while Cloudflare offers other features, this doesn’t make up for the basics of an Australian business needing its data served from Australian PoPs consistently.

Source: The declining value of Cloudflare in Australia – Simon East