WordPress Website Maintenance, Updates Security & Performance Plan

We don’t just want to set you up with a website and forget about you, the on going health, maintenance & care of the sites we’ve made matters to you and matters to us. Your website will need routine WordPress core, theme & plugin updates as well as other on going maintenance items. This keeps your website in it’s peak performance, with the latest features always available, always working, always online ready for your site’s visitors.

Our maintenance care package includes on-going website updates, regular security & health scans, performance checks AND we issue you a report each month outlining the work we carried out to keep you website in it’s best condition. Killer Websites takes care of everything for you, so you can focus on growing your business knowing you have our support behind your site.

Killer ONE Package

$4995per month
  • Australian Based Hosting
  • 5 GB High Performance SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Regular WordPress, Theme & Plugin updates
  • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitor
  • Daily Security & Blacklist Checks
  • Routine Performance Checks
  • Daily Redundant Website Backups
  • Monthly Reports w/ Analytics Snapshot
  • Oceanic Optimised CDN*

What Do I Need To Keep My WordPress Website Up To Date?

WordPress is incredibly powerful and popular, powering around 39.6% of the internet’s websites (2021), being this popular does sadly paint a target on it’s back. For hackers, or people looking to hijack or exploit a website, making the tool able to work on WordPress sites is their best bet. This means you need to have premium security on your website, as more than 70% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers, breaches, malicious code injections or similar (2019).

What Does WordPress Security Look Like?

Keeping your website up to date is the #1 piece of advice offered by everyone. Updating your website means keeping the WordPress core, theme & plugins all up to date on the latest versions available – this patches or fixes any known exploits and vulnerabilities in them.

Killer Websites takes care of this with our maintenance plan, we’ll keep everything on your website up to date, optimised and minimise the risk to your website being hacked, hijacked or taken down. On top of that, every day we run security scans, scanning your website files for any bad files or issues, we also check your website domain to see if it has been blacklisted or repeated for malware with several security providers.

Backups Included

To double down on any security efforts, your website is back up daily off-site to a redundant backup, this allows us to roll back or restore your website should the worst happen in incredibly quickly. We retain 90 days worth of backups, that unlike most backup solutions are stored elsewhere to where the server is located, this redundancy means if the server is ultimately compromised, a fresh, clean copy of your website backup is not.

This method of regular security checks, updates & backups leads to several fail over measures to keep your website as secure as possible.

Included In Killer Websites ONE Maintenance Plan

Your Website Performance Matters

We keep a regular check on your Websites performance score to see how fast it is for the average visitor. If any problems arise and your website slows down, this could lead to a decrease in traffic or people wanting to stay on your website. Keep your site fast, optimised & up to date is vital to present the best experience to your visitors.

Monthly Website Health Reports

Each month you’ll receive a complete report about your website health with data pulled from all the tests, checks, updates & services we provide. As a business owner it’s important you know how your website is performing, the maintenance work carried out & the general health of your site – our quick snapshot view delivered to your inbox will help you know how well your site is doing and that it is in safe hands.

Your Monthly Website Care Report Includes Details of:

  • WordPress Core Updates

  • WordPress Theme Updates

  • WordPress Plugin Updates

  • Summary of additional work performed

  • Backup Status Summary

  • Security Scan Summary

  • Performance Tests Summary

  • Google Analytics Snapshot

  • WooCommerce Sales Summary

  • Website Uptime Summary

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