Project Description

Provence McKinney

It’s difficult to manage a business from oversees, the last additional headache you need is your website under performing or being hacked. When Provence came to Killer Websites we offered a full site audit identifying some major issues including security breaches & domain blacklists and their website not performing well in their target market in America.

Starting from the ground up with a clean, elegant look Provence McKinney took on a new form to assist potential customers in the US with deciding on their home style & layout. The website funtionality provies all the information a potential customer needs in an easy to use fashion, all while performing at incredible speeds for website visitors.

The website had been poorly managed before and had sadly been hacked prior to Killer Websites taking over managment, with a lot of work and fixing, we had the website removed from blacklists and verified as safe. The WAF (Web Application Firewall) now running on the website along with routine updates & maintence will keep the website safe and secure protecting the brand of Provence McKinney.