Project Description

The Fitness Hub Subiaco

With a set style in mind Clark from The Fitness Hub Subiaco approach used to deliver a quick turnaround of a functional website that matched with his aesthetic ideas. Working with a simple black & white colour scheme there is no room for errors, Killer Websites was able to produce a clean, crisp, clear design that echoed the original design ideas brought to us.

The site is optimised to be as fast as possible as it’s a one-page website with scheduling embedded on it. The heavy embed meant that the site must be as fast as possible for local potential clients in Perth. Utilising optimisation (images, caching) & a CDN the website is incredibly fast for Perth based clients.

On top of that Clark can work on growing his business and not needing to worry about his website with Killer Website’s maintenance plan, covering all updates, security checks & ongoing services needed.